About me

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Hi, welcome to my blog, my name is Nermin Sehic and I am a software developer. I’ve been working in the IT industry for more than four years with various technologies, frameworks and environments. Currently I’m employed as a lead developer at an amazing Berlin based startup called One Coworking. Before that I was (and still am part time) an iOS dev for few companies in Sarajevo and abroad, where I did a variety of interesting and challenging projects ranging from enterprise software for a company that makes beds to a bank in Dubai.

When it’s not the week of sprint hardening I usually go home around 5PM like a normal person and spend my “free” time freelancing, doing some private projects or startups, which usually fail before they get a proper name and a repository on GitHub, and writing articles and tutorials on my blog.

I am quite a fan of diversity, hence I always try to keep up with the latest from both the web and mobile world, which is why people find it a bit strange when I tell them that I worked as a PHP backend developer before I started working as an iOS developer. Can’t blame them really. I work a lot with Laravel and Swift, but apart from that I’m quite familiar with Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, various front end frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular, React and React Native and Linux.

All the articles and tutorials which you will find here are written by me alone. I do it as a hobby, and it might turn into a great blog or fail miserably, buy in any case if you have questions or suggestions about potential topics you would like to see covered, or you’re stuck on your project feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to help.