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WAMP setup for restricted user groups on Windows

Although I usually write posts for mostly topics related to iOS and MacOS development, this one will be quite practical pro tip for people using Windows as a main dev operating system. If you’re an admin of a certain classroom or any number of shared computers on a network you’ve most likely setup an Admin account and an account for your students or employees with some restrictions and limited access. In case you want to allow a usage of WAMP, XAMPP or any other server environment you’ll face problems because in 99.999% they will require admin privileges.

In this short tutorial I will explain how to allow that without changing any of your current setup by using Task Scheduler.

First, login to your admin account, open File Explorer and go to Manage option. In case you’re using Windows 8 or 10, otherwise you can right click on My Computer icon for Windows 7.

Next, in the left top corner of your screen, you’ll notice a menu option Task Scheduler.

Once you click on it, notice the menu on the right side. You have several options under Actions, but for this purpose click on the second from the top, Create Task.

Under the firs tab, define the name of your task which I called WAMP Task, but the naming is completely irrelevant, as well as the description. Important options you have to select are Run weather user is logged on or not, and make sure you tick the option which says Run with highest priority. Do not click OK because we’re not done yet.

Click on the second tab which says Triggers and add a new trigger. Your trigger will be to run something on every startup, so when you click New, from the top dropdown select At startup and click OK.

Now, click on the third tab which says Actions, and create a new Action. From the dropdown, select Start a program and in the input field where it says Programs/scripts navigate to your wampmanager which should be located in C:\wamp64\wammanager.exe, if you’re using one of the more recent versions. Click OK.

Now that everything is setup, click OK to create a new trigger. You will see a popup asking for an admin password. Once you enter the password and restart computer, all the users on the local machine will have access to WAMP immediately after they login. The good thing about this solution is that all the restricted WAMP settings and ports are still only accessible by the Admins and not standard users.